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Re: For those who care about Hungarian translations of Debian Installer

 Hi, currently I've no net in my home :-( but let's start the team work :-)

On Thu, 19 Jan 2006, Christian Perrier wrote:

> Hungarian translations of Debian Installer used to be in very good
> shape for sarge.
> They're not so good for etch. No activity has happened since sarge
> release.
> I know there's a l10n team for Hungarian in Debian. Any volunteer is
> welcomed to take over the translation from Istvan Verok who apparently
> has no more time for it.
> Please get in contact with me CC'ing debian-l10n-hungarian if you're
> interested. Team work welcomed.
> I've CC'ed a few individuals who showed interest in the past. Some of
> you if not all are maybe subscribed to the list. If so, please forgive
> me.

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