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Status of the proposal for an i18n meeting in Extremadura

Hello dear i18n contributors,

In http://lists.debian.org/debian-i18n/2005/12/msg00000.html, I
suggested we attempt to organize a Debian i18n work session under the
hat of the "Extremadura sessions" where the region of Extremadura, in
Spain, offered hosting work sessions for specific projects in Debian.

A long thread followed where it quickly appeared that, yes, we can do

A more specific goal could be:

-preliminary work on a common infrastructure (if possible with
 exchanges with Ubuntu contributors)

-advance in the revival of the DDTP project (Debian packages
 Descriptions translation Project)

This must remain a *work session* and not a mini conference about i18n
in Debian. So, people attending need to come with specific projects
and ideas in mind, one of these being the build of a real i18n
community in Debian.

The timeslot in September 2006 seems to fit most of the needs, so
please consider that we will use that timeslot if we go with the meeting.

In order to move on, I have setup a Wiki page on wiki.debian.org:


On that page, I recorded the names of:

-people who already confirmed they would like to attend
-people who are interested but aren't sure for various reasons
-people I personnally intend to contact and/or feel would be Right
 People to have in such meeting

I also added a mini agenda which we need to polish together so that we
can provide the Extremadura people with information as detailed as possible.

Please complete this page if you're listed on it, particularly with
your e-mail addresses (mangled if you don't like addresses appearing
on public sites), country of origin (ie the country *where you live*)
and origin airport (ie the airport you would leave from if coming to

For the country and airport, please use the official codes (ISO-3166
for country and IATA for airports) rather than
common names. 


People living outside Europe can list themselves too, but we will need
to first check with the funding "resources" that funding their travel
is possible.

I may have forgotten people on that page. Please do not take this as a
veto if you already mentioned you'd like to attend. Just add yourself.

Again, this is an opened meeting. It is not "reserved" for official
Debian Developer. It is intended for all people *who actually work for
i18n/l10n in Debian and derivatives*. Don't be shy.

For more specific details, feel free to contact me (I'd prefer in
public and no by /msg) on IRC: irc.oftc.net, channel #debian-i18n


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