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D-I Manual -- Status update + call to update translations

It's been a long time since the last update, but here we go.

- Important changes
- New manual packages
- Call to update translations - XML based
- Call to update translations - PO based
- Last chance to update translations for Sarge

Important changes
There have been two important changes since the last update:
- Manual separated from Debian Installer
- New appendix on preseeding
- New translation for Swedish started

New manual packages
This is a direct result of the separation of the manual from the 
installer. The most obvious change because of this was the location 
change of the source withing the d-i SVN repository [1].

Less obvious consequences and changes are:
- Packages have been renamed to installation-guide-arch.
- Releases of the manual are no longer directly linked with releases of
  the installer. This will make it possible to keep working a bit longer
  on the manual and translations for Etch than was possible for Sarge.
- The manual is now an "arch all" package and binary packages are in
  section doc instead of devel.
- The addition of doc-base templates so the manual and translations will
  be listed in the documentation menus (dwww and others).

There have been initial uploads of the new manual packages, so packages 
containing the Etch version of the manual are available from the mirrors.

Call to update translations - XML based
The new appendix on preseeding has broken all XML-based translations. This 
means that translations will need to be updated before they will build 
correctly again. There are also some translations that are quite badly 

!!! I will exclude broken translations and translations that are too far
!!! out of date for the next upload.

Here is an overview of the translations most at risk:
- Spanish - 103 files needing update, 6 missing
- Portuguese (Brazilian) - 101 files needing update, 6 missing
- Czech - unknown needing update, 4 missing

The deadline for translation updates for Sarge is JANUARY 1 (see below)!!!

Call to update translations - PO based
It is important to keep your translations up-to-date. The main reason is 
that when it is time to upload the manual, any string that is "fuzzy" 
will be included as English text (not your old translation!).
Therefore translations that are not at 100% will, in principle, not be 
included in a release.

Because of this, I plan to announce a "string freeze" for the manual a few 
weeks before a planned release to give you the opportunity to update your 
translation. If you want to avoid having to do a lot of work in a short 
time, please update your translations regularly!

The deadline for translation updates for Sarge is JANUARY 1 (see below)!!!
So there will be a freeze starting mid December. This will be announced 

Last chance to update translations for Sarge
I have been doing regular synchronization of the manual in the Sarge 
branch of D-I with trunk up till now. These updates have been published 
from the official website and could be included on CDs for the next point 
release. I've made sure that only fully translated files have been 

!!! I plan to stop doing these merges after January 1. After that all
!!! text specific for Sarge will be deleted from trunk so we can
!!! concentrate on Etch.

This also means that NOW is your last chance to update your translation 
for Sarge or to get your translation included for Sarge.
So far the Korean and Greek translations have never been at 100% and thus 
cannot be considered for Sarge.

Frans Pop

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2005/10/msg00248.html

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