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Re: [D-I] Etch Debian Installer beta 1 released: i18n facts

Quoting Erdal Ronahi (erdal.ronahi@gmail.com):
> Hi,
> what "minor" problems does Kurdish have?

Missing locale in 2nd stage.

Kurdish is currently supported in the alternative locale package named

However, as this package is not of Priority: standard, it can't be
installed during base-installer step (even though localechooser
requests anna to do so for all langs not supported in locales, which
includes Kurdish). So, when the system reboot for 2nd stage, there are
tons of messages at the console about unsupported locale.

This is actually an issue for all languages we only support with

Unfortunately, we cannot easily add these package as is, because they
conflicts with locales.

I'm more and more thinking about making belocs-locales the default
locales packages for Debian, but I need supprot for this. As a matter
of fact, we have something that's way more reactive than locales and
is thus better for a wider i18n/l10n of Debian.

Denis (CC'ed to get attention), advice?

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