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Re: Short guide on Plural-Forms

> The d-i i18n documentation [1] (by the way, translators should really read
> it, even if you don't work for d-i) isn't really helpful either.  So

Hmmm, I intended to write something about P-F there but it seems that
I left this undone:

Plural Forms



which is a bit short actually..:-)

Contributions welcomed....

> today I'm very happy to see autopackage project providing a guide [2] on
> this issue, and it is very helpful to me.  I'd like to share the
> information here, so that anyone with the same question can benefit.
> 1. http://people.debian.org/~bubulle/d-i/i18n-doc/index.html
> 2. http://www.autopackage.org/docs/i18n/#translating_plural

My usual pointer about plural forms is

It gives a lot of Plural-Forms for several languages.

And beware that even when a language does not use plural like Chinese
(lucky people!), you have to use a Plural-Forms header in the files
where at least one plural form is used:

"Plural-Forms: nplurals=1; plural=0;\n"

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