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Bengali language support in mozilla-firefox

i can't enable pango in firefox. the doc says that i need to recompile mozilla-firefox with "--enable-pango" option.

so at first i gave apt-get source mozilla-firefox
then cd to debian folder and edit the rules add the --enable-pango \ option
then dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot. then i get mozilla-firefox deb. i have installed it but still i can't see the Bengali correctly.

(it also says, i need to give export MOZ_ENABLE_PANGO=1 while running mozilla)

the mozilla firefox problem it Debian (i have select utf-8 and Bengali font)

it should look like this picture (gedit show bengali nicely)

i have found a website giving pango enabled deb. i have tried with this package but it is not working in my Sid. it says

"Linux: These changes include the patch to be found on the TA Linux site. Unlike the TA Linux patch, this patch turns pango on by default (overridden by environment setting MOZ_ENABLE_PANGO=0). Note that Fedora Linux ships a version of Firefox with Pango support (switch on with 'export MOZ_ENABLE_PANGO=1'), but it does not render Hebrew as well as this version."

url: http://blacksapphire.com/firefox-rtl/

is it possible to get pango enabled mozilla-firefox officially from Debian.

or give me some hint what i need to do, to enable Bengali in mozilla-firefox in Debian

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