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Re: A question on checking translations

Quoting Sunjae Park (darehanl@gmail.com):
> I'm almost done translating the packages/po/ko.po file. But there are a few
> things that I would like to check out. There are a few strings that are marked
> fuzzy, and frankly I am not confident enough to 'unfuzzy' them until I can see
> what content the strings are used in. Is there any advice in this?

"podebconf-display-po file.po" can help you in some cases.... This
command comes along with the po-debconf package.

To use it, you need to generate the locale for the language, then use
the command with LC_MESSAGES set to this locale.

However, it does not deal with variable replacements and is not
completely accurate in some other cases, especially d-i screens which
use cdebconf.

I suggest you say here which strings you are talking about and I may
be able to give you hints.....and later add some comments in the code
about the use context.

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