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Re: check_typos.pl script

> > Where is it available?
> On my workstation, my laptop, USB-stick - unfortunately in different
> versions, ugly condition - I will send it per mail.

You can integrate the script into a project on alioth. I have created
the Debian-l10n-Romanian project there and there is a CVS repository.
Currently there is nothing there, but we can add it in that project,
as I am working on tools just simillar to yours (with the goal of
making a better localization for Romanian, but I don't mind if others
benefit from it :)
(The reason there is nothing there right now -but only un the released
files area- is that I have been keeping my work on a local server at
home, which was offline for some time.)

OTOH, you could put it in the DI reporitory under the scripts/l10n/
directory (talk to the guys on -boot about this)

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