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Re: FireFox does not allow me to insert diacritics

On 9/30/05, Eugeniy Meshcheryakov <eugen@univ.kiev.ua> wrote:
> 30 вересня 2005 о 20:04 +0300 eugen написав(-ла):
> > Does it not allow to insert only Romainian-specific characters? Does it
> > allow to insert other more common characters with diacritics? I've seen
> > this with some Ukrainian characters in the past and needed to make patch
> > for it to work (mozilla* have hardcoded lists of symbols in them). Also
> Forget about I wrote above: I can insert Romaian characters at least ă î
> ş ţ in mozilla-firefox.
> > it may be due incorrect locale, but you use correct one, aren't you?
> >
> So only this one remains (i used uk_UA.UTF-8 locale [/me thinks that
> this is not a good choice for Romanian ;)] and "setxkbmap ro").

$ set | grep LANG

and the mapping is (one of) the correct one(s) for Romanian. (We have
4 of them).

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