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[RFC] D-I: moving Installation Guide in SVN

(CC'ing i18n as this is relevant for Installation Guide translators)

Joey Hess and I have been discussing moving the source for the manual from 
its current location (trunk/installer/doc/manual) to directly under trunk 
(i.e. /trunk/manual).

An important reason why the manual is in its current location is that it 
is the only binary package (debian-installer-manual_<version>.deb) that 
is produced by a build of d-i and at least one such package is needed for 
proper handling by archive scripts.
Joey has experimented with building an empty debian-installer package to 
fullfill this role, and this seems to work.

The idea is to keep the debian-installer-manual package.
The rest of the documentation would stay in its current location.

Disadvantages of the current location of the manual:
- everybody who wants to build an image is forced to check it out (100 MB)
- tools needed for building the manual are included in build depends for
- the manual can not be updated anymore after the final build for a
  release (for Sarge this was the RC3 build which happened quite some time
  before the actual release; effectively this kept some translations out)

People that do not wish to check out all of d-i will have a more clear
- installer
- packages
- manual

This leaves the current 'scripts' directory a bit in limbo. We may need to 
consider moving some scripts to new scripts directories under installer 
or packages to make sure they are available for partial checkouts.

Consequences of the move:
- editors and translators may need to get a new checkout (or use
  'svn switch')
- the manual will need to get its own "debian" directory
- update of documentation and scripts that reference the manual
- split up the scripts directory (???)
- the manual build system will need to create a tarball for inclusion
  of the manual on CDs; this could maybe be published on alioth
  (this would replace [1])

Comments welcome.



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