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FireFox does not allow me to insert diacritics

Hello all,

I am writing here as I feel this is more appropriate than a debian-users list.

I have the problem in the subject.
The problem is that in any entry field on any web page I try to insert
diacritics, FF will not allow me.

I have the localization package installed, I have proper fonts
(DejaVu) installed and configured in the browser (all diacritics
appear), but I can't insert any diacrtics.

If I copy/paste a dicaritic, then it is introduced, but I can't do it
from the keyboard.

All the desktop is localized in Romanian and I can insert diacritics
just fine in other applications, be them qt based of gtk based.

Can anybody tell me how can I fix this issue (I know is fixable,
'cause I have see others inserting diacritics just fine) or if anybody
has encountered this problem, too?

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" A.Einstein

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