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POT-Creation-Date on D-I level 1

> >This is something I still have to work on, ie make POT-Creation-Date
> >dynamic and change it to the date the templates really changed.
> >
> >However, given the way the header is generated, this is kinda tricky
> >and currently low priority task.
> I hope you do have the time to get to it sometime, because it's, in  
> my opinion, the most effective way to check quickly if your  
> translation is up-to-date, e.g. on debconf files as discussed here  
> before (since neither version numbers nor presence in the update  
> table are definitive evidence of untranslated changes).
> Should we vote you another holiday? :D

I found a better way..:-)

Frans Pop, who was also annoyed by this, just wrote the part of code
which now exactly does this in the synchronisation script.


The date there is now the date of the last changed POT file for
individual D-I packages. So, in short, you should be able to safely
rely on POT-Creation-Date for D-I level 1.

Ladies and gentlemen, you owe a beer to Frans.....
(one each....Frans, there are 64 languages in D-I...:-))

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