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Re: Newcomer

Quoting Gasper Zejn (zejn@owca.info):
> Welcome!
> If you're going to translate, then please sign up for 
> mailinglist for translations, see 
> http://liste2.lugos.si/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/lugos-slo
> (not much traffic)
> Before you start translating, please notify other translators 
> by sending a mail to the list, so you dont waste your time.
> If you're going to translate KDE project, please see 
> http://www.lugos.si/wiki 
> If it's a GNOME project, you can ask Matjaz Horvat, who I 
> think is translating GNOME at the moment.

I suppose that, posting in debian mailing lists, Simon was more interested in Debian translations.

In that case, the contact should be Jure Cuhalev. Dunno (but I hope)
if Jure works close to the team mentioned above.

However, I'm interested in informaitons about the Slovene translators
mailing list. Is the posting opened (or at least moderated)? If so, it
would be nice to have the list as "registered" team contact for the
Slovene translation in Debian, especially the installer.

What is the list address?

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