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[d-i] spellchecker: support for all languages


PO files are not so handy when it comes to spellchecking;
http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/spellcheck/ was set up to help
translators in the task of spottin typos. After a few months of tests
on the translations of the post-Sarge branch of the installer 
it has been extended as to cover all languages supported by the
installer, for all the levels (1-4 / post-Sarge). This means that even
if an aspell dictionary for a particular language is not installed on
Alioth, you can find informations that will help you to keep your
language up to date and as much error-free as possible.  Here is a
sort of legenda of the report tables:

* LANG_all.txt contains *all* the strings for LANG; this means you can
run your favourite spellchecker against it

* LANG_unkn_wl.txt is the list of words not found in the aspell-LANG
dictionary (obviously only if there is one!)

* LANG_var.txt contains all the "suspect variables": variables that could
spellchecked or missing.

Some support has also been given to some of the languages who switched
translations for the installer to the PO format.


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