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[D-I] Rough preview of the graphical installer state

Attilio Fiandrotti (and the D-I team, mostly Colin Watson) is
currently doing hard work on a future graphical interface for the
Debian Installer.

He's currently in the process of resyncing hs work with the D-I team
work about this topic, so there is still huge work to de before a
usable version of a Debian graphical installer may be released. Don't
expect it before months.

However, I thought it would be nice to share with you, and especially
Debian translators what is currently happening.

So, on http://people.debian.org/~bubulle/d-i/graphical_d-i/, you'll
find screenshots taken by Attilio with some non Latin languages we
currently support in D-I.

Hope this will give all of you a rough idea of what currently works
(CJK and cyrillic display) and what currently doesn't (Hebrew/Arabic
fonts....for Bidi, I don't know...:-))


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