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Re: bug-reporting for non-English users

Giuseppe Sacco a écrit :

I don't think so. We may invest more time in explaining how to
report a bug in such way that a maintainer could understand it:
  . use LC_ALL=C LANG=C before running the buggy program
Imagine a program containing a few questions and
acting very differently depending on the answers.
Because (s)he can't understand english, the user
may not even be able to reproduce the steps needed
to raise the bug! This is why I thought about some
tool to reverse search for the original english msgid
from the localized one (and information about the
locale used).

I think this may be the simplest solution: leave the user the
possibility to write in any language and let the maintainer, if he
doesn't understand that language, the option to ask for a translation on
a debian-l10n list. This is the lesser impact solution.
I agree on this. But I'm not sure about the "lesser impact"... ;-)

Why the maintainer shouldn't receive a non english report? It may even
be a bug that only happens in a localized environment.

One more reason to not use LANG=C !

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