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Re: Sync for dpkg

>   * Strings for all programs are concatenated in the same PO file.
>     Translators usually prefer translating most used programs (like
>     dpkg) first.  You certainly already addressed this issue in your
>     development branch.

Denis, do you suggest that translations are split into several files,
or just ordering the big file to have the most "important" strings
(indeed, the most important or most widely used prgrams or pieces of
source code) at the beginning?

>   * Dpkg is being translated via Rosetta, how are you going to merge
>     translations?

I can't speak for Scott's way to handle things with Rosetta for dpkg
in Ubuntu (though I'm pretty sure that Ubuntu's dpkg is the same than
the one in Debian), but at this moment, the translation handling for
Debian's dpkg is indeed done by myself in my own arch branches of the
two devel branches used by Scott. I have not looked at things in
Rosetta recently, so I don't know if new translations have been added.

When he releases a new version (either 1.10, targeted at sarge, or
1.13 targeted at etch and currently uploaded to experimental), Scott
merges his branch with mine first.

1.10 is under string freeze while 1.13 may get string changes. Up to
now, I haven't called for translation updates for 1.13 in order to
avoid confusion. At this moment, there are very few changes between
both branches, when it comes at the programs output (only 2 fuzzy
strings for languages which are complete in 1.10).

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