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Re: ddp: manpages status

El Fr, 18-02-2005 a las 06:39 +0100, Christian Perrier escribió:
> Quoting Danilo Piazzalunga (danilopiazza@libero.it):
> > The scripts could make use of [1]po4a and give translators a po file to work
> > with. While this would require some work to get started, it would greatly
> > ease maintainance, both for you and for the translators.
> A few packages or software have indeed switched to po4a for their man
> pages translatins handling.

Well, I forgot that, after reading its documentation again, it's clearly
the way to go, but I don't see how po4a fits with the ddp cvs, store the
po file is a nonsense, and we also don't need the generated docs to keep
track of the versions, do we need at all a cvs for manpages if we use

> apt-proxy comes to my mind for instance
> we also handle the French translation of shadow man pages this way (I
> plan to switch others after sarge...but this need concertation with
> upstream)

I was also planning to move my translations if possible, but not before
Sarge is out, I don't want translations with missing paragraphs at this
stage of the release process.

So this conversion will take a lot, do you think is still worth to use
my script to generate the webpage with statistics for the moment?


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