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Re: new translation of d-i (Macedonian)

Quoting Georgi Stanojevski (glisha@mail.net.mk):
> Hello, 
> I want to contribute to the debian community and translate the installer in
> my native language (macedonian).

Hey, great news....Looks like the recent efforts for getting some
macedonian translators involved were not done without results..:-)

> As I understand I need to:

You seem to have understood well.

I suggest you read the d-i i18n documentation carefully, but it looks
like you already did so. If you didn't, then do it..:-)

This document is linked from

> 2. Translate
>    http://people.debian.org/~seppy/d-i/level1/master/template.po
> 3. Translate the other files in  
>    http://people.debian.org/~seppy/d-i/level2,3,4/POT/...
> 4. When I translate and test each level I need to file a bug report or work
>    with SVN from the start. But because I really don't know how or want to
>    learn to work with SVN, well not yet, I'll probably file a bug report.

You can work with bug reports for the start...or at the very beginning
deal all this directly with the d-i i18n coordinators (that is myself
or Dennis Stampfer) by sending your mk.po file from time to time.

Learning SVN is not really complicate especially if you already worked
with CVS.

If you use a Debian system:

-apply for an account on alioth.debian.org
-request for commit access to D-i repository (you will be granted such
 access after already doing some early work)
-apt-get install subversion
-go to an empty directory
-checkout a copy of the D-I repository:

svn co svn+ssh://svn.debian.org/svn/d-i/trunk/packages/po debian-installer

(this will only checkout the packages/po directory)

You then have a copy of the D-I repository (only the translation
directory) in the debian-installer/ directory

Work on the mk.po file (I will have commited the first versions you'll
send me by email)...


svn commit mk.po

Fill in the commit message, exit your editor and voila...the file will
be commited.

We will need to setup a languagechooser entry for Macedonian, but I
will handle this easily with the help of other Cyrillic languages

Welcome on board...Feel free to ask for any clarification you may
need, either here (so that others will benefit the answer)...or
privately...or on IRC #debian-boot on irc.debian.org

A few bad news now : the D-I team has decided to stop including more
languages to the supported set of languages until the release of the
stable version of the installer (and the whole distribution
release). So, new languages are currently marked as "prospective",
which means the translations do not go immediately into the installer.

These new languages will go in the next release of the installer. A
few other languages such as Malagasy and Vietnamese are in that
situation....but this should not prevent you from beginning the
work. Completing a d-i translation is not a one-time work and, anyway,
the work won't be lost.

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