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Debian Installer string freeze status 07/25 21:30

Status as of 07/24 21:30UTC, 2:30 hours left

33 complete languages
 zh_TW, zh_CN, uk, tr, sv, sk, ru, ro, pt_BR, pt, pl, nn, nl, lt, ko, ja, it,
 id, hu, hr, he, fr, fi, eu, es, el, de, da, cy, cs, ca, bg, ar
03 nearly complete
 sq (99.65%), nb (97.79%), bs (95.73%)
03 partial
 sl (84.54%), gl (80.27%)
01 very partial
 fa (78.34%)

Besides this, 

base-config : 26 languages completed
tasksel     : 22 languages completed

Congratulations to all translators : we got the best result ever and
all translations that could possibly be completed have been : all
incomplete, except maybe Norwegian Bokmal, have single translators
which I haven't been able to get in touch with for a few time, or are
too recent (Farsi).

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