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Re: Debian Debconf Translation proposal ( again )

Dominique Devriese wrote:

>   A user only installs one translation package ( for his
>   language of course ) ( or more if he wants more
>   languages, of course ).

>     2. The translators don't try to get their work
>        included in Debian packages.  Instead they provide
>        one package of their own, that they can
>        occasionally release in sid if they want to.

Even though it would be a rather large change in the
infrastructure, I would prefer if there was one localization
package for each locale for each ordinary internationalized
package.  So like there are binary packages specific to the
various platforms, there should be l10n packages for the
various locales. It would mean that `apt-get` would have to
be modified to automatically download and install the
appropriate (selected by the system administrator) l10n
package whenever and application package is installed.

The benefits of this system of decoupling localisation data
for different application packages are decoupled from each
other are:

 1) You only have to have localisation data installed for
    the packages you have installed.

 2) You can have appropriate localisation data installed
    even if you use a different combination of versions of
    application packages than what the translators did.

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