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plans for d-i string freeze

I'm currently planning to start the debian-installer string freeze one
week after both CVS and Incoming are available again, and let the string
freeze last for only one week. I had been hoping for two weeks, but the
recent compromise has us behind schedule, and having CVS down due to
that may have been a pretty effective string freeze already. I hope that
when CVS comes back up we'll see a lot of translators upload many
pending updates. I'm targeting the release of d-i beta 2 at less than on
week after the end of the string freeze.

I will also ask the maintainers of the more relevant parts of the Debian
base system (whiptail, debconf, base-config, discover, exim4, passwd,
console-tools, tasksel, aptitude, dselect, apt) to freeze their strings
during the string freeze, though that will be only a request. So
translators can try to target d-i + base, to get a fully localised
install up to the very end.

I think that the debconf template polishing effort is nearly complete,
and one week after the archive reopens should be sufficient for that to
be finished, and for getting in other changes that will change debconf
template text (the revamped netcfg and possible new partitioner come to

If you're interested in adding a new language to d-i in time for the
next beta, you should start translation now, or have already started, as
the one week string freeze will likely not be enough time for a full
translation from scratch. Of course with CVS down this can be hard, so
you should at least get started as soon as CVS comes back up.

It will be great if we can include about 100% support for several
languages in the announcement of the next beta.

see shy jo

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