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Re: plans for d-i string freeze

Il gio, 2003-12-04 alle 04:57, Joey Hess ha scritto:
> I'm currently planning to start the debian-installer string freeze one
> week after both CVS and Incoming are available again, and let the string
> freeze last for only one week. I had been hoping for two weeks, but the
> recent compromise has us behind schedule, and having CVS down due to
> that may have been a pretty effective string freeze already. I hope that
> when CVS comes back up we'll see a lot of translators upload many
> pending updates. I'm targeting the release of d-i beta 2 at less than on
> week after the end of the string freeze.

This is a very good news. There has already been some work in order to
create the italian localization. We are stopped since CVS isn't
available at the moment, and we miss a recent update. We also plan to
have the first italian translation party on the 13th, so we will
probably commit everything after this party.

Is there any idea about when the CVS will be up again?


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