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Central documentation server [was: Big picture of localization?]

Miroslav Kure <kurem@upcase.inf.upol.cz>, Tue 21 Oct 2003 18:09 +0200:

> I'd like to ask if someone is creating "Big picture of localization"
> for Debian? I mean particulary translations: What must be translated
> and where could one find it?

This question brings to my mind what I was wondering a couple of months
ago: how come there isn't a central documentation server, a kind of
"docforge" where all translators, reviewers, and authors share a common
interface and methodology?  It's doubtless that, IMHO, open source has
boosted bacause SourceForge has provided an infrastructure that makes
programmers' life easier.

There are a lot of of projects out there trying to address the i18n
issue.  The Translation Project, Gnutemberg in some way, DDTP for
Debian, just to mention a few. The MLs where people are discussing about
translations and stuff are countless.

If you think about it, all those projects require for each document one
or more translators and one ore more reviewers who need to communicate
to each other, and a common glossary.  So why not provide a unifor
framework where document authors can call for translation, a server with
common procedure to preliminary translate a .po file with all the .po
files registered on the server, a host where users can work on a
language-based and document-based glossaries through dedicated MLs. In 
the end, when the document has passed all the given steps (e.g., 
translation, review, etc.), the author is warned that a new translation 
of their document is ready for consumption.

I know, it's a long term project, but we can start out with a 
procedure draft which all languages should agree upon.  Subsequently, 
programmers can join and put in practice what we wrote.

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