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Re: po-debconf and cvs

On Fri, Sep 26, 2003 at 08:52:40AM +0200, Martin Quinson wrote:
> > Polish Debian Documentation Project would like to start translations of
> > po-debconf templates. Since there will be more packages using po-debconf
> > because of obsoleting old template solution, there should be some
> > central repository of po-debconf templates and translations.
> > 
> > The ideal way would be to use CVS.
> I also think so. My plan was to put the material found by the
> w.d.o/intl/l10n generating scripts into a CVS with a nice merge mecanism
> adapted to po files. 
> Then, a mail robot in the spirit of the one used on 
> http://www2.iro.umontreal.ca/~gnutra/po/HTML/
> would be used to handle incoming signed mails from translators, check the
> correctness of their work and merge it in the CVS.
Hmm, but this robot will be working in parallel to the normal CVS access?
The problem is that I hate attachments and working via mail. I mean mail
is for discussing, and not for talking with the machines ;)
> Finally, a nice tool in the dh_ spirit would allow the maintainer to
> retrieve the existing translation against their package and include it.
Nice idea. 
>  - Put the material in a CVS
>    - Find a CVS host accepting to deal with the load it will induce.
>    - Setup the tools around CVS to have proper merge with msgmerge instead
>      of a brutal replacement of file
>    - Modify the wannabe-DTC scripts to put the material into that CVS
>  - Let the translator put their work into that CVS
>    - First, using the classical CVS solutions
>    - Setup a mail daemon checking the validity of signed mails and their po
>      file attachement which can be used to provide the write access without
>      the possibility to break anything in the CVS (with no need of rollback).
>    - Widespread the use of that robot
If it'll be one of the solution then I agree. But I'll be thankful if
putting translation by CVS will be always possible.
>  - Let the maintainer get the translations from that CVS
>    - First, using a classical read-only CVS access
>    - make a nicer interface, using a script or something
>    - Allow maintainer to put the translation manually, for example a week
>      before the real release so that translators are given the time to do
>      their work without needing to reupload translation only packages such
>      as JoeyH makes all the time (thanks to him)
>  - Improve the i18n of documentation to fit into that picture
>    - work on po4a to make it more reliable (mainly documentation bugs are
>      known for now, but I guess that this poor documentation prevented real
>      users to use it and break it in more critical ways)
>    - Add support for the missing formats (mainly docbook-xml and texinfo)
Seems good. How non-developer can help you?

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