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Re: i18n of tasksel (and cdebconf)

Tomohiro KUBOTA wrote:
> A possible problem around (1) is that slang1 is "Priority: required"
> and "Section: base" while slang1a-utf8 is "Priority: standard" and
> "Section: libs".  I don't know whether tasksel's depending on
> slang1a-utf8 affects this situation.

tasksel itself is optional. The main problem is that this will involve
adding slang1a-utf8 to the base system installed by debootstrap/d-i if
it is not already there.

A related problem is that we're seeing a great deal of extra stuff be
added to the base system in the name of i18n, which is fine except there
is no mechanism to remove it on systems where there are eg, no Japanese

> A problem around (2) is that Debian packages of libtextwrap1 and
> libtextwrap-dev will need about 10 days to be installed into Sid,
> because it is the initial upload.  I think this library is stable
> enough because it is simple, small, and a port of libtext-wrapi18n-perl
> which debconf-i18n depends on.  Do we have enough time to wait for
> the libtextwrap1/libtextwrap-dev packages while we are starting
> release process for Sarge?  If no, tasksel can use libtextwrap's
> source code directly.

I would prefer to not upload a tasksel using this new library until it
is in testing already, and until debootstrap installs it as part of the
base system.

Also, tasksel is only one of the task selectors that will be offered in
sarge. The other is aptitude, which has no support for translated tasks
at all yet.

see shy jo

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