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debian-policy: Proposal for going ahead with mandatory debconf use for prompting

Package: debian-policy
Version: 3.6.1
Severity: wishlist

Now that debconf use is recommended in Policy (since 3.6.1), I think it's
time to think about the future. 

During the discussion about this amendment (bug #176506), it was decided to
only make this a "should" requirement, which is achieved now.

This proposal is what I think to be the next step : make this a "must"

I added something about the mandatory use of a gettext-based system for user
prompts. Basically, this means that our Holy Policy would require the use of
"po-debconf" for debconf..:-)

I propose that the first paragraph of 3.10.1 is to be rewritten to :

     Package maintainer scripts may prompt the user if necessary.
     Prompting must be accomplished by communicating through a program 
     which conforms to the Debian Configuration management specification, 
     version 2 or higher, such as `debconf'[2]. This program should allow
     easy translation by using a system based on gettext files for storing
     the texts of questions and their translations.

Of course, this *has* to wait after sarge release. It wouldn't be realistic to
include this in the Debian Policy version which will be used for sarge.

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