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Cyrillic under X

I'm new on this list. Please excuse me if my posting is OT or deserves RTFM
(yes, I know I should RTFM, I've done it. It didn't help. So I'm writing

The problem:
I use Debian Woody (stable) (that's not the problem), and my Cyrillic does
not work under X(that's the problem).

Here come the details:

I installed all locales that begin with bg_   (Bulgaria). And also some
en_XY locales.
Then I used set-language-env (or something like that) to specify that:
1. I use Bulgarian language
2. I use MS cp1251
(all the questions asked by the script)

then I used cyr to customize some settings for the console (the font,
fontsize etc.).
Under console the Cyrillic support works perfectly.

Under X, however, I can't type a single letter in Cyrillic.
I have installed the Cyrillic fonts (they work, I can read Cyrillic).
I have .xcyrillic file, and it is executed.
I can switch to Cyrillic input (I got LED indication), but when I type, no
characters appear at all.

'xev' reports the (press and release) keycodes in Cyrillic mode as 0x06XY,
and I think _that_ is the
problem. The keys are mapped to Cyrillic using the char names: Cyrillic_en,
Cyrillic_em and the like.
So I get these big numbers 'xev' reported. I can easily fix this by
replacing the constants in the keymap
by the real codes (without the leading 0x06), but I don't think this is the
right solution.

My question is: What is the right solution? (How to fix this, without
rebuilding keymaps, packages etc...)

And one more thing: Could this be related to some module loaded by X? I have
lots of modules loaded,
and some of them may have messed with the input. Now I'm at work(under
MSWIN), and I can't check
my XF86Config-4 (which is at home), but I noticed that X loads some module
with the suspicious name
xim (or something like this) (Am I on a right track?)


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