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Re: (forw) Re: apache: call for translators

Quoting Fabio Massimo Di Nitto (fabbione@fabbione.net):
> Hi Christian,
> 	for the french translation I got an offer from Samuel Desseaux

As long as he gives his translation for review to debian-l10n-french,
fine. The french translation team has acquired a strong translation
practice and we try to maintain good consistency along our translation
work in Debian. 

This guarantees a distribution which speaks the same way all along its
installation/upgrade/documentation process.

> Can you kindly coordinate with Samuel?? I know he read this mailing list,
> just to avoid duplicate work :-)=

OK. Samuel, I suggest you to get in touch with debian-l10n-french
(dlf) )for
proofreading. Look at the archive list for the translation I already
began. There has been a review by Denis Barbier in dlf already.

Anyway, if you have time for translations, we have work for you there.. :-)

As I leave tomorrow, I leave the baby ion your hands.

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