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Re: apache: call for translators

(les francophones : il s'agit en résumé du passage à po-debconf
d'apache. Je propose de prendre en charge cette traduc, mais on ne
pourra relire que mi-août quand je reviendrai)

Quoting Fabio Massimo Di Nitto (fabbione@fabbione.net):
> Hi all guys,
> 	I hope not to be offtopic or somehow unpolite, but recently (let
> say 20 minutes ago) we (apache's maintainers) just switched apache,
> apache-ssl and apache-perl to use po-debconf (better late than never ;)).

Grin.....I just copied it one hour ago on my laptop so that I may
bring it on holidays for sending you the usual "please switch to
po-debconf" BR....

The french campaign for po-debconf switch will intensify in the
upcoming weeks : Michel Grentzinger started from the "z" letter (he
reached the "r" letter before leaving for holidays)...and now I will
start from the "a" letter.

We already did the job for all packages which use debconf and had a
french translation.

Now we start this for other packages....

> Since we will not upload for sometime from now, we would like to invite
> translators to provide us some feedbacks and translations. Feedbacks
> because the transition has been done automatically and some old templates
> have been converted and they might be outdated (for sure they lack one
> template that has been introduced recently) and translations are in the
> category "would be very nice to have before upload" since apache uploads
> do not happen that often.

If translation are outdated, thay will be marked "fuzzy" after the
"debconf-gettexize" procedure, so don't worry : debconf will *not*
show translations when at least one paragrph is fuzzy for one
template. This *is* another advantage of po-debconf : translations are
shown *only* when they are up-to-date.

I'll start to work on the french translation. As I leave on sunday for
two weeks, don't expect something before Aug. 18th. All french
translations are proofread by debian-l10n-french contributors and
several people there are also on holidays....

PS : what about apache2 ? Do you plan a switch for it ? I have it in
my TODO list for the upcoming two weeks....

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