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Re: I18N (Multibyte Enablation) of debconf

Your patch implements its own word wrapper. Did you consider using
perl's UTF-8 support, and Text::Wrap? Debconf does not currently let
perl know what encoding is used by text, but if it did let perl know,
then Text::Wrap should be able to get multibyte characters right. I
don't know if it would handle multi-column characters or low-density
whitespace text. Anyway, I'd feel better if I knew you'd at least
considered doing things this way. If perl is indeed lacking a word
wraping module that is suitable for all languages, then it would be
better to add such a module to perl, than just to debconf.

Your Debconf::Wrap module should export the functions it provides. Code
that calls an exported wrap() would then just work, unchanged.

It seems to me there must be a better way to expose wcwidth to perl than
implementing your own with a table. Have you considered an XS library?

I haven't a chance of being able to maintain the code in Debconf::Wrap.
If debconf does use it we will have to come up with some mechanism for
you to maintain it, either a shared subversion repository or putting it
in a separate package which debconf could use.

I suspect that this word wrapper is a fair bit slower than Text::Wrap.

see shy jo

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