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Re: Where are translated man pages packaged?

Denis Barbier wrote:

> There is currently no consensus whether translated man
> pages should be shipped along with original man pages or
> within manpages-xx packages.

Personally, I would prefer that translations (of both
man-pages and user-interface) were shipped in separate
packages on a per package and per language basis.  In other
words, like there are different packages for different
platforms (with the machine specific files), there should be
different packages for different locales (with the language
specific files).

So my preference is to move the language specific files out
of the application packages, but not to just dump them in
big catch-all language specific packages.


PS: I know that I (or somebody else), would have to hack
    dpkg and/or apt, to get the above suggestion to work.
    (but I hope it is okay to dream)
»When Roman engineers built a bridge, they had to stand under it while
 the first legion marched across. If programmers today worked under
 similar ground rules, they might well find themselves getting much more
 interested in Ada!«                                     -- Robert Dewar

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