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Re: LANG=..., currency in Gnumeric

> I don't know much about en_ZA, but I found this :


> And also that you have en_ZA locales generated (dpkg-reconfigure locales).

This was my problem. I apologize, I'm getting confused between the
machines I've set up. It appears on the machine I'm currently working on,
I never did set up locales in dpkg-reconfigure locales.

> Then you may try this you it works (from man pages):
>   root@virus:~# LC_MONETARY=en_ZA /tmp/currency
>   Amount is (national / international): [ R**1234.57] [ ZAR **1,234.57]

Thanks, it works!

Gnumeric also does it's thing correctly now.

Thanks a lot, and again, my apologies,
Hugo van der Merwe

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