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LANG=..., currency in Gnumeric

Recently I've started looking at setting LANG variables, etc. to get my
system a little more "sane", e.g. getting ê displayed correctly in mutt,
and getting rid of the insane MM/DD/YY date format in Gnumeric - all done
by one simple environment variable, LANG=en_ZA. Cool!

Now, looking at currency, it does British pounds when one sets en_GB, but
it appears it sticks with $ when one sets en_ZA, instead of using South
African "R" - would this be a Gnumeric-specific thing, or a system-wide
i18n thing, to do with locales, etc?

I noticed that the KDE i18n settings don't carry over to other apps.
Where would be the *correct* place to define LANG? /etc/profile? But
that's only for shells... ?

Curious, thanks,
Hugo van der Merwe

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