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Re: BiDi and RTL

>On Tue, 11 Jun 2002, starner@okstate.edu wrote:
>> Would it be possible to provide a floppy whose job was to find the iso
>> on the hard disk and run it? So all you would need to do is download the 
>> iso using an older OS.
>Most computers today are buyable naked or with non-free operating system.
>I do not use non-free software.

Not even just to download Debian? Even RMS wouldn't have a problem with that.
In any case, there's a world of one-floppy Linux/BSD distributions out there
that can do the job. Alternately, pop the hard drive in another computer and
download it there.

For how many people is buying a CD if they don't have a CD-RW going to be
a problem?

>> You always have the choice of downloading woody's
>> floppies and upgrading, too.
>If woody will boot on 2003 hardware. 

Why wouldn't it? I know Debian 1.3 will boot on my 2000+ hardware without
problem. Few in the computer industry like breaking back compatibility,
and the biggest worry - IA64 - is already taken care of for woody. In any
case, if you can't afford a CD-RW, 2003's affordable hardware will be 
2002's top-of-line hardware, which woody has no problem booting on.

>The BSDs have had one-floppy
>installs for years, and they're not stopping.

I've never heard anyone suggest we emulate BSDs' installs before. The
whole point is that we want to do more than the BSDs do, like i18n and
hardware detection.

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