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Re: BiDi and RTL

On 11 Jun 2002, Moshe Zadka wrote:

> On Tue, 11 Jun 2002, Arash Zeini <kde@linuxiran.org> wrote:
> > I am not sure about this. I am copying one of the developers of freebidi to 
> > have his statement.
> Thanks.

The current fribidi library is about 64kb.  I guess the next 
version with arabic shaping will be something about 75kb.

> > I am asking these questions since we are considering to (possibly) base a new 
> > distribution on Debian.
> Great!
> I am interested in that too, since it would mean easier installation in
> Hebrew, too. However, besides looking this over and giving some pointers,
> I don't have time to do anything about i18n, sadly :(
> > In that case we might be 
> > able to do something.
> Debian always welcomes new contributions.


> > So it is essential for us to see if the 'standard' installation procedure 
> > would support BiDi and RTL, and in case the answer is no, if it can be 
> > elevated to a higher degree of importance for the Debian project. Another 
> > important point would be to have a timeframe in which this could be realized.
> The timeframe is, as always, up to the people interested and willing to
> do work. Since you seem to be the first person interested in these issues,
> I'd bet you are the most likely to be able to do the work. Please check out
> what we have so far (see cvs.debian.org: you want the debian-boot CVS root,
> and the debian-installer project). cdebconf is in tools/.
> To work against freebidi, I think the sanest thing is to
> a) generate a freebidi udeb

ASAIK fribidi already has a udeb (is udeb the debian package? or 
I'm too wrong?).

> b) have cdebconf produce two udebs: cdebconf and cdebconf-bidi, the later
>    linked against freebidi (and depending on the udeb)
> I doubt anyone has that on his plate, but if you produce high-quality
> patches, they have (I think) a good chance of getting in.
> > If I am missing a relevant person from the Debian project, who would be 
> > interested and responsible for these questions, please forward my email to 
> > them.
> Well, everyone who is working on debian-installer should be reading this
> list. If you are interested in post-installation configuration, you should
> probably be looking at adding these features to debconf as well. I do not
> know if freebidi has a Perl interface, but if it is, it should probably
> be used in debconf.

fribidi has a Perl interface too (by Dov), but the whole fribidi 
project (fribidi library, perl interface, php interface, deb 
packages, rpm packages, ...) should go under a major revise.

> If you think of writing debconf patches, I'd suggest talking to the
> debconf maintainer (debconf@packages.debian.org) first to see what he thinks
> of this (for example, whether he thinks this belongs as an integral part,
> or as an alternative solution, or whatever).

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