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Re: flex and gettext


	[I am copying this to the folks on debian-i18n@lists.debian.org.
        folks, neither will nor I are on the mailing list, and I would
        appreciate relevant responses to be CC'd to us]

>>"Will" == W L Estes <wlestes@uncg.edu> writes:

 Will> I'm beginning a beta release process for flex. If
 Will> you'd like to take a look at the new code to see what it does,
 Will> then go ahead. It can be found in:

        I am still in the process of evaluating the differences, but a
 quick preliminary scan shows that flex includes unistd.h
 unilaterally. Unfortunately, this makes it fail on MS platforms --
 wrapping the inclusion in # ifndef _WIN32 .. #endif would extend flex
 scanners to another (popular) platform at a low cost.

 Will> From our previous discussion, I know that the debian flex
 Will> package includes a set of changes to allow flex to work with
 Will> gettext.

 Will> I'm not familiar with gettext but I would like the flex distribution
 Will> to have i18n support and any pointers you can offer in this regard
 Will> would be greatly appreciated.

	 I'll have to call in some other folks who did the heavy
  lifting for the internationalization effort. As far as I can see,
  we'll need to update the .po files, but most of the changes that
  Debian made to flex should still apply cleanly. 

	Folks, the .po support for flex 2.5.4a is in debians flex
 source package; and the new beta is in 
 How much work would it take to update the .po files? 

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