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Re: [debian-i18n] No EuroSign input in X

Rüdiger Kuhlmann wrote:

No. You need
in your /etc/environment due to a bug in KDE (#122533). Unfortunately,
locales will overwrite it with the wrong thing for KDE (#130259).

Do not use localesconf, this package does no good; it lets you select the
LC_* stuff, but not LC_ALL, and also doesn't get it right for KDE.

HTH, Rüdiger.

Thanks a million! This fixes a problem I've been having for weeks now. I didn't thought it was a bug, because in the euro-howto it says konsole and kde work fine.... But I saw the author of the howto is going to fix that. We now have
to hope somebody fixes the bug in kde.

Thanks again,


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