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Re: Li18nux Locale Name Guideline Public Review

On Tue, Jan 22, 2002 at 09:10:38AM -0600, David Starner wrote:
> >     David> Users should be able to expect that you can send a file
> >     David> from one Linux box to another in the same locale without
> >     David> having to recode it.
> > 
> > They should, but they can't.
> Why not? The main exception is going to be the Euroizing nations, which
> are split between ISO-8859-1 and ISO-8859-15. Everyone else has more or
> less one charset standard.

...except Romania, which is/will be changing from insufficient ISO-8859-2 into
ISO-8859-16, and other ISO-8859-2 countries, which could probably change
into ISO-8859-16 as well to get Euro char (but will break backward
compatibility more than ISO-8859-15 does for ISO-8859-1).
And except Lithuania (maybe other baltic countries as well), which is using 
ISO-8859-4, but should really use ISO-8859-14.
And except Russia, where, although mostly using KOI8-r charset,
ISO-8859-5 is widespread between commercial Unixes and consequently
sometimes used on linux too.
And for Serbian/Bosnian, these languages are written in both cyrillic 
and latin script, so the question what the locale (sr_YU) stands
for is a bit problematic...
Not speaking about various nations from former USSR, where 
many nations do not even know which scripts are their languages using.

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