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Boot-floppies translation status


The release of Debian 3.0 is comming soon. I just checked the status of 
translations of the boot-floppies. Quite a few languages are far from up to 

Below are the statistics from the .po-files of the dbootstrap program (the 
menu driven Debian installation program)

Code     date           translated up-to-date strings (out of 769)
> ca      2001-10-15  774
> cs      2000-11-30  471
> da      2001-11-15   768
> de      2001-08-21  766
> eo      2000-12-19  484
> es      2000-11-30  663
> fi      2000-12-17  489
> fr      1999-03-21  450
> gl      2001-10-07  769
> hr      2001-09-01  680
> hu      2001-01-01  643
> it      1999-11-16  230
> ja      2001-10-29  568
> ko      2001-08-05  623
> pl      2001-05-17  526
> pt      2000-07-10  577
> ru      2001-11-14  529
> sk      ?               219
> sv      2001-10-22  766
> tr      2001-17-03  484
> zh      2001-01-15  488

Based on the numbers above, I would suggest removing sk and it immediatly 
from the internationalised boot floppies in any case, since two thirds of the 
strings will appear in english anyway. (Or better, of course, update these 
Even the ja and pl users must find it very messy to use the mixed language 
interface, and prefer to go with the english one for now.

Regarding the syslinux boot screens, the translations of e.g. debian.txt on 
the rescue floppy have only been touched by a few languages since the 
original english one was edited at June 5., namlely:
sv, ko, de, gl and da.

The figure is even worse for the install manual. *No* languages but fr, de 
and da have touched welcome.sgml since February!

I hope this can encourage other translators to update the support for their 
languages. Some may simply have waited for the next release to come closer 
before doing this. Well, it seems it is just around the corner now!

To get the latest boot-floppies from the CVS, (beware, it's 41 megabytes) do:

   export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@cvs.debian.org:/cvs/debian-boot
   cvs login
    ----  (You will be prompted for a password -- just hit `Enter'.)
   cvs update

You will find relevant information in the file README-Translators.

Claus Hindsgaul

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