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Re: Euro key

Ionel Mugurel Ciobîcă <tgakic@sg10.chem.tue.nl>:

> 2. You can edit the Xmodmap file, mine is in /etc/X11.
> Put something like 
> keycode 0x1A =  e     E	   euro   euro
> or
> keycode 0x1A =  e     E	   curency   curency
> Or open xkeycaps and do the changes you like, save into
> a file and add in your .xsession:
> xmodmap name-file

I did "echo keycode 26 = e E EuroSign | xmodmap -", and now I can type
a Euro sign ('€') in a UTF-8 xterm.

However, I can't type a Euro sign in Emacs, and I can't get an
ISO-8859-15 xterm to work at all: "LC_ALL=fr_FR.ISO-8859-15 xterm"
seems to give me an ISO-8859-1 xterm, in which printf "\xa4\n"
displays a currency sign ('¤').


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