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Re: Euro key

În data de 14/09/2001, 10:10:09, Nicolas SABOURET a scris:
> Hi !
> I'm sorry if this looks like a newbie's question, but I can't have the
> Euro key work, and I'd like to understand the mechanism.
> In X11, I can make a "cent" (?) with AltGr+c but AltGr+e prints:
> 	- e on Potato
> 	- nothing on Woody
> and AltGr+$ gives me the strange "currency" sign (round inside a cross).
> How can I fix this ?

1. You need fonts with "euro".
2. You need (maybe) to change your Xmodmap for X and boottime.kmap for

1. The best way is to get ISO8859-15 fonts for X and to used
(open an xterm with: xterm -fn 
Euro will be instead of that 'strange "currency" sign'.

2. You can edit the Xmodmap file, mine is in /etc/X11.
Put something like 
keycode 0x1A =  e     E	   euro   euro
keycode 0x1A =  e     E	   curency   curency
Or open xkeycaps and do the changes you like, save into
a file and add in your .xsession:

xmodmap name-file

> In console, if I "loadkeys euro.inc.gz", I can make the cent, but get a
> square for AltGr+e. Same for Altgr+$ (currency).
> I suppose this is due to a bad console font. How can I fix this ? Will I
> see the "euro" sign or the "currency" stuff ?

For console I sugest you to use the fonty package. When it ask
for configuration tell it to use iso15.

You can edit your default keymap for the console. Mine is
/etc/console/boottime.kmap, but you may have other file.
(/usr/share/keymaps/defkeymap.map ...)

Inside you should have something like that:

charset "iso-8859-15"
keymaps 0-6,8-9,12
include "azerty-layout"
include "linux-with-alt-and-altgr"
strings as usual

keycode   1 = Escape
keycode  18 = +e	+E	euro	euro

> Please understant that I want to make this work for both woody and
> potato.

It should work for both.

I wrote somethink about seting a keyboard and some examples
for Romanian keyboard. Maybe you can get a hint:

I hope it help.


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