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Re: Help with man-db #40743


At Sat, 7 Apr 2001 23:44:04 +0100,
Colin Watson <cjw44@flatline.org.uk> wrote:

> With that in mind, I have an open bug ( #40743 ) against man-db,
> which asks for its treatment of LANG, LC_*, and LANGUAGE to be changed.

I checked the bug and man-db  I found that this point
(the bug has two points, one is variable order and another is support
of LANGUAGE variable) is already achieved, by calling setlocale(LC_ALL,"").
Well, one exception is in case of different settings for different
locale categories (such as LC_CTYPE=ja_JP.eucJP LC_MESSAGES=zh_TW.Big5).
Though I think such a setting is insane, I will supply a patch to
choose LC_MESSAGES category.

One more point of the bug report is usage of LANGUAGE.  It is a
non-standard variable.  I thought it specifies LC_MESSAGES locale
category with the highest priority.  (Next is LC_ALL, then LC_MESSAGES,
and the lowest priority is LANG).  However, GNU gettext seems to
have a bit different implementation.  I am asking in an other mailing
list.  Please wait a bit.

> I'm happy to make sure that the patch applies cleanly and still
> does what it says it does,

Hmm, I failed to apply the #40743 patch to man-db_2.3.17.1-2 (2nd

> Note that man now uses LC_ALL rather than LC_MESSAGES, courtesy
> of the patch in #75559 .

This is correct.  LC_ALL is a variable to specify all locale categories
with the highest priority.  Other LC_* specify corresponding locale
categry in the next priority.  LANG specifies all locale categories
with the lowest priority.  Thus, for example, LC_MESSAGES category
is determined by LC_ALL, LC_MESSAGES, and LANG variables as I wrote
above.  This is the standardized behavior.

Tomohiro KUBOTA <kubota@debian.org>
"Introduction to I18N"

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