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Re: Bug#80458: Add fonts.dir for Chinese fonts (abiword 0.7.12)

On Wed, Feb 28, 2001 at 11:40:31PM +0900, take@debian.org wrote:
> > On Sun, Feb 25, 2001 at 05:12:44PM -0700, foka@debian.org wrote:
> First about Anthony's. CJK PostScript font names generally consist of
> fontname and CMap name. CMap name represents charset, encoding and
> direction of font. Usually only one CMap name is supported for each
> language by each application. But Anthony's fonts.dir for zh-CN have
> two sorts of CMaps in PostScript font names: GB-EUC-H and GB-H.
> The former stands for GB2312 charset in EUC encoding, while the latter
> stands for GB2312 charset in ISO2022 encoding. I cannot think abiword
> supports PostScript output in different encodings for a single charset
> because there's no clue for abiword to detect which encoding should be
> used for the output.
> ha shao seems to adopt GBK-H as CMap name for both GB2312 and Big5. GBK-H
> is not defined by Adobe as CMap name in Adobe-GB1 or Adobe-CNS1 character
> collections, so GS-CJK i'm preparing cannot handle it. If GBK-H is a sort
> of mistyping of GBK-EUC-H, which defined by Adobe as CMap name in
> Adobe-GB1 character collection, it is not suited for Big5 PostScript
> printing. I understand GBK charset includes only Simplified Chinese characters.

I think Anthony forgot to change GB-H to GB-EUC-H for bold and italic
fonts. The GBK-EUC-H was copied from a fonts.dir put up by the original
abiword cjk patch author. I think he uses Turbolinux Chinese edition which
has GBK Chinese TTF fonts. Yes, I think for debian, it's better to use
GB-EUC-H and B5-H for Simplified and Traditional Chinese respectively.

> BTW, all these worries would be gone away if defoma was accepted. It can
> automatically set available CJK PostScript fonts and correspondent XLFDs
> appropriately. (I've already realized something like that in tgif.

This will be cool!

> > GS-CJK.  He told me that the PS fontname fetched from Arphic's TTF is
> > 'GBZenKai' for typeface kai. So maybe we will use the GBZenKai for
> > Kai font or add aliases in GS-CJK to link Arphic-KaiGB-GB-EUC-H with
> > /GBZenKai-Medium-GBK-EUC-H.
> Yes, GBZenKai-Medium is the PostScript font name of one of the Arphic TTFs.
> I doubt GB-EUC-H can substitute for GBK-EUC-H.

gbk is a superset of gb2312. So gbk can substitute gb but not the otherway
around. I worried about the difference b/w GBK-EUC-H
and GB-EUC-H because i don't know how this will affect cross-distribution
compatibility.  what will happen if a ps file saved under debian is
printed on an turbolinux(cjk) or cle+redhat system? is it better if
everyone adopt defoma?

Best regard

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