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Re: Bug#80458: Add fonts.dir for Chinese fonts (abiword 0.7.12)

Hmm... Some how I  missed the original mail.

On Sun, Feb 25, 2001 at 05:12:44PM -0700, foka@debian.org wrote:
> I was digging through the fonts.dir that the CLE (Chinese GNU/Linux
> Extension Project) use, and found a slightly different version.
> I have made some slight modification (to capitalize the font names so they
> look better.  :-)  I have attached it here as an .tar.bz2 archive.
> I prefer CLE's fonts.dir over the ones that ha shao suggested, although I am
> pretty sure that we may need to tweak those CLE fonts.dir even further, when
> the details of Ghostscript-CJK and fonts are finalized.

Yes, the changes are better. But only the normal font has the correct
font encoding (GB-EUC). Others are still in GB as the same as the wrong
encoding in my original fonts.dir. I did not test the abiword printing
at the time cause GS-CJK was not announce yet then. Now we can test
CJK printing too.

And for the font names, I talked with Yasuhiro TAKE, the author of
GS-CJK.  He told me that the PS fontname fetched from Arphic's TTF is
'GBZenKai' for typeface kai. So maybe we will use the GBZenKai for
Kai font or add aliases in GS-CJK to link Arphic-KaiGB-GB-EUC-H with

Best regard

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