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Re: Is there anybody interested in supporting GB18030 in debian?


I'm so sorry that I cannot mail you the patch right now. It's so dirty and buggy
And the most important, I must leave my school and go home tomorrow for our
Spring Festival. So I have no time to do it until I come back to school.

I'll do it ASAP when I come back.


James Su

Anthony Fok wrote:

> Hello Suzhe!
> Nice to see you here.  Yes, we are very interested to get zh_CN.GB18030
> working in Debian.  I know little about it though.  Could you point us to
> some websites where the GB18030 standard is discussed?  Thanks!  (I'm sure
> that Yu Guanghui, Zhao Wei, hashao etc. would be especially interested
> too.)
> On Sat, 20 Jan 2001, suzhe wrote:
> >   Yes, I have already done a primitive GB18030 patch for XFree86 4.0.2, and
> > can let Gnome environment run under zh_CN.GB18030 locale, most of the
> > gnome program can display and edit GB18030 encoded text correctly. Thanks
> > gnome/gtk guys for their excellent work!
> That is wonderful!  Thanks for your hard work!  Could you please send your
> patch to us (and especially to Debian's XFree86 maintainer)?  And I'm sure
> the XFree86 maintainers would love to see your patch too.
> >   But, There are still lots of problems in it. The most serious problem is
> > KDE/QT seems do not support zh_CN.GB18030 locale.
> KDE/QT seems to use their own locale files...
> >   And there are still many programs do not have fully i18n support.
> > Lots of program which support CJK encoding are using its own way to
> > deal with it, so GB18030 is also a problem for these programs.
> And often that is still the case for zh_CN.GB2312 and zh_TW.Big5, but yes,
> we will need to deal with them one step at a time.
> Cheers,
> Anthony
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