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Re: UTF-8 locales

Nicolás Lichtmaier <nick@debian.org>:

> > Ok, there may be few _users_ who use UTF-8 locale.  However, a 
> > certain amount of _developers_ are interested in UTF-8 support _now_.
> > If UTF-8 locale is not available, I think that they tend to hard-code 
> > UTF-8 encoding instead of using LOCALE.  IMHO, the hard-code of UTF-8
> > is evil because of the reasons which I wrote at the beginning of this
> > thread.
>  You are right... the i18n in Linux is not coming well, everybody seems to
> implement their own scheme...
>  Besides, GNU having choosen a sizeof(wchar_t)==4 doesn't help to encourage
> using libc's locale support... =/

If you are suggesting that sizeof(wchar_t) could be 2, then please
explain what you think mbtowc(&wc, "\360\220\200\200", 4) should do in
a UTF-8 locale, and why you think that would be easier for


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