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Re: [Groff] Re: groff: radical re-implementation

>>>>> "TK" == Tomohiro KUBOTA <tkubota@riken.go.jp> writes:

    >  The other merit of wchar_t is user-friendliness.  Once a user set
    >  LANG variable, every softwares work under the specified encoding.
    >  If not, you have to specify encodings for every software.  We don't
    >  want to have ~/.groffrc, ~/.greprc, ~/.bashrc, ~/.xtermrc, and so on
    >  so on to specify 'encoding=ISO8859-1' or 'encoding=UTF-8'.
    >  I must admit that I've never worked with wchar_t and friends.  I see
    >  the benefits, though.  And with glibc, we have a nice ready-to-use
    >  library which enormously simplifies the implementation.

    TK> Ok, the merit can be achieved by your idea of preprocessor.
    TK> Please note that glibc is not a only system which supporte locale.
    TK> I suppose that almost commercial UNIX systems support locale.
    TK> I suppose BSD variants (Free-, Net-, and Open-) also, though I 
    TK> don't know them.

FreeBSD locale system don't have UTF-8 encoding. NetBSD and OpenBSD is
same or worse than FreeBSD. So in case of this, iconv() should come from
external libraries(FreeBSD ports has it, converters/iconv). There are
plans to have iconv() internally near future, though.

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