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Re: info

On Thu, 5 Oct 2000, --- --- wrote:
> I want to know if Debian supporting the arabic font ?
> thanx alot
> Tarig

Hello Tarig,

All I know is "arabtex" which allows you to typeset Arabic document with
teTeX, TeX/LaTeX.  There is also the unifont package which contains
Unicode font which most likely include Arabic glyphs.  But, AFAIK, there
is no arabic-specific X font yet, and for example
www.debian.org/index.ar.html does not display correctly with Netscape 4.x
in Debian due to the absent of such font.

It was about a month or two ago when I checked for Arabic fonts, so
perhaps someone might have packaged Arabic fonts recently.  I don't know.

Hope this helps,


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