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XEmacs cyrillization


Xemacs in potato doesn't find russian input method. I'd say it
finds only to input methods - janapease-skk*. All other are ignored.
Maintainer of XEmacs doesn't want to find correct solution for it
and wants to add to README.Debian idiot hack: just to add line
But is isn't cyrillic specific problem!!! It is problem for all
non-japanease people using mule!
People! Can you tell me how it is leim-list.elc usually loaded?

Thank you.
Peter Novodvorsky,
IPLabs Linux Team member:                  petya@logic.ru.
Linux.RU.NET Team member:  peter@linux.ru.net, listmaster@linux.ru.net.

-- System Information
Debian release: woody
System: Linux lambda 2.2.14 #1 Sun Jan 16 13:48:57 EST 2000 i586 unknown

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